Cloudy Boat Paint

Boat paint takes a beating, especially here in the Tampa area where the sun is intense. It does not take long for the elements to work on the paint and make it look dull and lifeless. The image below shows a typical boat with some neglected paint.

Boat Before Detailing
Cloudy Faded Paint

You can see that the pain is now a cloudy white with streaks. This is what many neglected boats end up looking like. The boat in the picture above looks like it may have had a faulty clear-coat layer on top of the paint. They have a tendency to cloud over and look murky.

Fortunately, these types of problems are not too difficult to resolve. Even though the paint looks bad, there is plenty of life left in the paint underneath the top cloudy layer.  We did this boat a little while ago with some very good results. The paint came back to a nice shiny luster after we were done with it. Take a look.

Boat With Renewed Sparkle
Boat With Renewed Sparkle

Boat detailing often involves the same steps as car detailing, but using slightly different compounds due to the differently paint formulations end environmental conditions. You can let your boat go for quite some time and get it looking close to new with if you get some professional assistance with the detailing. However, it is always best not to let the paint spend too long in a neglected state.
If your  boat looks like the one in the before picture, give us a call. We will have our mobile boat detailing crew out to you to restore the shine.

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