Detail Daddy Is Growing

Thanks to our wonderful customers, Detail Daddy has been growing this year. I have been very busy and as a consequence I have been investing in my business, and I have added a new employee: Ron. Ron is a fantastic detailer and I am really happy to have him on board. Ron brings a wealth … Read more

High-Speed Buffing

High-Speed Buffer

Without high-speed buffing there would be no detailing industry. There would be no car detailers, no boat detailers, and no RV detailers. High-speed buffing is simply an essential part of the detailing process. The results you get from high-speed buffing is far superior than with any other process. The high-speed buffer is one of the … Read more

Clay Bar Technique

Detailing a Cadillac Escalade

Car detailing done right involves a few special tools and procedures. A clay bar is used in some circumstances as a tool to remove pollution that contaminates automotive paint. You should not use it every time you detail your car, but at least once or twice a year to keep the showroom shine. Oxidation And … Read more