Natural vs Synthetic Car Wax

truck-detailing-clay-bar-sliderApplying wax to your vehicle is the most important part of making it look great and protecting it from the elements. Wax makes the car shine. Wax keeps damaging elements away from the paint and protects the paint from the sun. There should be no surprise that there are lots of waxes on the market and some dispute over which is the best for your car, RV or boat. Waxes are divided into two general categories: natural and synthetic. Let’s go over some of the differences between the two and see which is better.

Natural Car Wax

Most natural waxes are made from Carnauba, a substance made from a tropical plant found in Brazil. It has natural water repellent and is breathable. Both good things for your car paint. Carnauba comes in various grades of quality. None of the Carnauba waxes you put on your car are 100% pure, but many are of very high quality. Due to its dense nature, other oils and additives need to be added in order for Carnauba to be effectively used as a car wax.

Synthetic Car Waxevent detailing at international plaze

Synthetic waxes are technically paint sealants. Synthetic waxes will protect your car for a long time and are chemically formulated to apply protective properties to the paint. Synthetic waxes last longer than Carnauba waxes due to their superior adhesion. With a Carnauba wax, you need to wax your car about every three months to keep the shine and protection because the wax evaporates over time. Synthetic waxes easily last six months before another coat is required. This is a significant difference.

Which Car Wax Looks Better?

Which looks better? You would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Both can produce a fantastic shine if applied properly. At one time Carnauba was the clear winner in the looks department, but time and chemical engineering closed the gap. Now, the difference is imperceptible. Competition is driving the improvements of the synthetic waxes and this is good for both detailer and their clients.

Synthetic waxes in addition to providing longer protection that the Carnauba waxes, are less expensive. So, if you go with the synthetics, you will have a great shine on your vehicle and a wax that performs longer with superior protection. This adds up to less time and less cost. For those reasons we use synthetic waxes at Detail Daddy. You get a top quality shine, protection from the elements, and save on cost and labor.

This is one win for science, your car and your wallet. Can’t beat that!

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