Bugs And Tar Removal

Bug Removal Image
Bugs Damage Paint

One of our detailing services is bugs and tar removal. Bugs and tar do more than just create nasty spots on your paint. They do some serious damage if left unattended for a long period of time. Bugs start to decompose after they die and release enzymes that break apart the body, and the chemical agents that they release also damage paint. Leaving bugs on your car for long periods of time will allow the damage to continue and slowly eat away at the paint.

Tar gets on your car in may ways. When people talk about tar damaging the paint, they mean all the little particles that are dug up from the pavement by vehicles kicking up specs of asphalt and rubber, and the general grime found on most of our roads. Tar is chemically different to decomposing bugs, but they are lumped together, along with bird poop, and tree sap, because they tend to require similar removal approaches that go beyond soap and water.

Bugs And Tar Removal Tips

Removing these types of deposits requires more aggressive methods of removal unless you deal with them immediately, and very few people are that obsessive about their car paint. To remove bugs, tar, bird poop and the like you need a strong solvent or detergent applied directly to problem areas. The trick is to get the bugs carcases, tar and these other damaging contaminants off the paint without doing any damage. Most of the products that are used to remove bugs and tar will also remove the wax, so it is important to wax the car and/or areas where the solvents have been used in order to put a protective coating back on the paint.

Bug and tar removal is one of the benefits of getting a professional detailer to clean your car on a regular basis.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

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