Clay Bar Technique

Car detailing done right involves a few special tools and procedures. A clay bar is used in some circumstances as a tool to remove pollution that contaminates automotive paint. You should not use it every time you detail your car, but at least once or twice a year to keep the showroom shine.

Oxidation And Pollution

Mc Claren Detailed By Detail Daddy
Mc Claren

Automotive paint can last a long time if it is kept in great condition, or it can last a short time if neglected. Pollution affects paint and breaks it down over time. Pollution is everywhere, especially in small particles floating in the atmosphere. We breathe it and it collects on all the surfaces that it comes into contact with. When pollution comes into contact with your car’s exterior, it bonds with the paint and begins a process called oxidation. Oxidation is the process of chemically breaking down the paint and it will have the telltale signs of white cloudy spots on the paint. Bottom line: oxidation and pollution make your car look dull and old.

Clay Bar Technique For Paint Contamination

A clay bar can be used either a preventative treatment or a restorative treatment. It can remove the surface contamination on your paint. A clay bar strips off the contaminants and smooths the paint. Using a clay bar is one of the best ways of keeping your car paint in a pristine condition. The main difference in the preventative treatment and restorative is whether or not your car has a lot of accumulated contaminants. If you car has not been neglected, using the clay bar technique may not restore it to  a showroom condition, but it may be able to make it look very close to brand new.

Experience Required

Vintage Camaro Detailing In Tampa Bay
Vintage Camaro

Applying the clay bar technique does require some experience. There are different grades of clay bar. Some have more abrasive content and will remove a heavy layers of contaminants. You need to choose the right clay bar for the job in order to avoid scuffing the paint. During the application, a lubricant also needs to be used to avoid damage to the paint. The clay bar technique is a professional method of contamination removal because of the potential for paint damage.

A clay bar is applied before polishing and waxing not as an alternative. After the clay bar application the car will still need to be waxed and polished.

The clay bar is a traditional technique used by car detailers and is the most effective way to keep your car paint immaculately clean and shiny.

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