Invest In Vehicle Detailing

There is no question that regular vehicle detailing will make your vehicle look great. All types of vehicles will benefit, cars, boats, trucks, RVs, and more. We talk about the craft of detailing in our other posts quite a bit because that is important to us. We talk about scratches, paint, wax, and a host of other detailing issues.  However detailing does more than just make your vehicle look great.

Your Vehicle Is A Long-Term Investment

Let’s say that you are a car owner with a new car. Not only does it get you around, but it is also an investment with long-term value. To protect that value, you take the car to the shop for scheduled maintenance tasks, and buy insurance in case of an accident. When you do these things you are protecting your investment. So, you are protecting from mechanical failure and accident.

Detailing Keeps Your Vehicle New

Well, what about the exterior? What are you doing to protect that investment? Are you having the car detailed on a regular basis? Have you ever had the car detailed? Detailing your vehicle protects your investment.

Let’s say that five years after you bought your car, you need to sell it and buy another car. If your paint has been neglected or haphazardly cared for, it is going to show. The prospective buyers will see it. In fact, the faded paint will be the first impression! The prospective buyer will not get too excited over the dull paint and assume that the rest of the car got the same not-s–hot care.

Regular Detailing Shows When Selling Vehicle

On the other hand, if you have had the car maintained and detailed on a regular basis, it will most likely look like new. This will have a positive effect on the prospective buyer and probably allow you to sell it quick or get a very good price for it or both. It is hard to say exactly how much additional value you will get. It may be a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the value of the vehicle. The higher the value of the vehicle, the more you stand to gain.

So, do yourself a favor and call Detail Daddy today and make an appointment. You will like the way your car looks and be protecting your investment.

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