Reclaimed Water In Tampa

Tampa has a reclaimed water project that is in use in parts of the city. Basically, it takes highly treated water from the waste-water treatment plant on Hookers’ Point and recycles it to residents and businesses in South Tampa.

The reclaimed water is great in many ways for those who use it. Water restrictions do not apply and they are doing their share for the environment. Not only that, but it increases the availability of potable water for the Tampa area as well.

Reclaimed Water Not Good For Vehicles

However, reclaimed water is not without problems. From our perspective as a mobile detailing company, reclaimed water is a villain. Reclaimed water is more corrosive than the regular water in Tampa, and will cause more damage to your vehicle’s paint.

How To Protect Your Investment

So, if you want to keep your vehicle looking new and protect your investment, keep it away from the reclaimed water. Definitely do not wash your car using the reclaimed water and try to avoid even incidental spray from sprinklers. You’d be surprised, but the reclaimed water left on your car can cause spots to appear from the aggressive chemical reaction to the paint.

Fortunately, for car paint jobs, reclaimed water is not in all of Tampa as of now, although the usage are will surely grow. For now it is enough to understand what kind of damage reclaimed water can do and how to avoid it.

Tampa reclaimed water area map.

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