Interior Detailing Challenge In Clearwater -> On Location

This Car Interior In Clearwater Needs Detailing And Serious Trash RemovalA couple of weeks ago, we were called in to do a detailing job on a van in Clearwater. This job ended up being a little unusual. When the owner contacted us about the job, she said that the interior was filled with trash.

We deal with messy car interiors all the time and I’ve seen plenty of upholstery abuse and trash on the inside of a car. Cleaning up interiors is part of the detailing business and it is normal for people to let their car interiors slide. Busy people often use the back seats and passenger seats as extra trash cans and only clean up every month or so. So, I did not think anything of it.

Cleaning Car Interior Trash Before Detaining In ClearwaterWhen we arrived on location in Clearwater to detail the van, I was a little surprised. I had never seen anything like it. The interior of the van was really filled with trash! There were empty drive-by food bags, toy boxes, and an amazing variety of other items. The car looked horrible. I could not see how bad the upholstery was because I could not see it under the trash!

Grimy Car Interior Needs Serious DetailingThe first step of this interior detailing job was to take out the trash: 7 large garbage can size trash bags of trash went out of the car. You can see what we had to deal with in the pictures. Of course, all this trash left massive stains on the upholstery. And not only that, but it looked like the kids used the upholstery for art class practice! People please don’t do this to your car!

Interior Car Detailing In Clearwater FloridaMost of the time, as long as there are not rips in the upholstery, a good detailing crew can do wonders to restore the interior to like-new condition. That was the goal, and that is what was accomplished. One we were done, this Clearwater detailing client had a car that she could use again, a car that she could feel good about being in and driving around town.

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