Leather Upholstery Detailing Safety Harbor -> On Location

Keep The Leather Looking Great

Leather car seats are durable and great to have in you vehicle. However, leather, like all interior upholstery starts to wear and show its age with time. We were recently on location in Safety Harbor detailing a car with leather seats and took some before and after photos to show you what can be done to restore leather upholstery.leather interior upholstery before detailing

You can see in the before photo that the leather is looking a bit shiny from sweat and the ordinary grime that comes into the car on clothes and through the open air. Also, you will notice that there are some wrinkles on the bottom as well as smudges where there has been more grime and sweat than in other locations.

Upholstery Like New After Detailing

interior detailing leather upholsteryAfter cleaning the leather, you can clearly see the difference. The leather looks new and the shiny used look is gone. The stain on the lower back is gone and wrinkles have completely disappeared. This is an example of what can be done with the interior when you include interior detailing in your detailing job. Not only can leather be brought back to a like-new condition, but doing so, helps keep the leather in good condition for many years to come. Leather upholstery detailing is a great idea to keep your vehicle looking like new and maintaining its value.

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