Shampooing Your Vehicle

Bentley Interior Showcase

Shampooing is an important part of professional detailing. Full interior detailing includes shampooing all the surfaces with carpet or upholstery that can be shampooed. This means when you have your vehicle shampooed, your seats, carpets and floor mats will be cleaned. The carpets and floor mats really get grimy, so having them shampooed is a … Read more

Engine Cleaning

Clean Engine

Why get your engine cleaned? Well, you could be a very fastidious person, or you could be getting ready to sell your car. You could hate looking under the hood and coming near the dirty engine. Lot’s of reasons to clean the engine, but probably the most compelling is the car going up for sale. … Read more



We talked about compounding a little bit in our post on removing scratches, cloudy boat paint, and high-speed buffing. Compounding gets quite a few mentions because it is one of the main activities of a detailer. Compounding Removes Imperfections Compounding is the application of a compound on the vehicle’s paint in order to remove imperfections. … Read more

Bugs And Tar Removal

Bug Removal Image

One of our detailing services is bugs and tar removal. Bugs and tar do more than just create nasty spots on your paint. They do some serious damage if left unattended for a long period of time. Bugs start to decompose after they die and release enzymes that break apart the body, and the chemical … Read more

Super Fallout Remover

Super Fallout Remover

A lot of different products and tools are used by professional detailers. In this post, I’d like to talk a little bit about how to remove an all-too-common problem with paint today: industrial fallout. Industrial fallout comes in all forms, from acid rain, to nearby industrial operations that put pain-harming chemicals and pollutants in the … Read more

Reclaimed Water In Tampa

Jaguar Tampa Mobile Detailing

Tampa has a reclaimed water project that is in use in parts of the city. Basically, it takes highly treated water from the waste-water treatment plant on Hookers’ Point and recycles it to residents and businesses in South Tampa. The reclaimed water is great in many ways for those who use it. Water restrictions do … Read more

Invest In Vehicle Detailing

Detailing a Cadillac Escalade

There is no question that regular vehicle detailing will make your vehicle look great. All types of vehicles will benefit, cars, boats, trucks, RVs, and more. We talk about the craft of detailing in our other posts quite a bit because that is important to us. We talk about scratches, paint, wax, and a host … Read more

It’s All About the Paint

Lamborghini Mobile Detailing

Auto detailing is about getting the best from your car’s paint. When people decide to get their car detailed, the picture that forms in their minds is a car with a beautiful shine. There is more to it, of course, but getting the best out of the paint is the fundamental task of auto detailing. … Read more