Comprehensive Exterior Detailing

Comprehensive exterior detailing is much more than washing and waxing your vehicle. A comprehensive exterior detail will often bring your vehicle exterior back to a like-new condition. Oxidation and bug particles are removed from the paint. Swirls and other minor blemishes are also removed. Headlights are meticulously cleaned, as well as the rims and tires. … Read more

Paint Restoration -> On Location In Oldsmar

BMW Detailing In Tampa

A client with some detailing know-how bought a used BMW. Although the BMW was beautiful, he wanted it brought back to showroom condition. The car was about 4 years old and had a little wear on it. The main task for us was to eliminate the flaws in the paint. The paint has some swirls and minor imperfections that needed to be addressed.

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Love Bugs Don’t Love Your Car

Bug Removal Image

It is that time of year again and the May Love Bugs are swarming all over the Tampa Bay area. Love bugs appear in Florida usually two times a year: April-May, or the beginning of summer, then again late in summer. Here in south Florida, we can even have occasional love bug infestations in December. … Read more

Full Interior Detailing

Make It Like New A full interior detail will bring you car interior to a like-new condition. It is a lot different than breaking out the house vacuum and 409 and going over the interior. A full interior detail will make the interior immaculate. If you have kept you car in good condition, a full … Read more

Car Carpet: Before And After

Car Carpet Ready For Interior Detailing

One of the most neglected and abused car surfaces is the interior carpet (see below). The interior carpet gets all the grime, dirt, and pollution that accumulate on shoes and feet. Assorted pieces of food, drink and trash get spilled on the car interior carpets. There are very few cars, if any, that do not … Read more

Detailing An RV In Palm Harbor -> On Location

RV Detailing

RV’s are extremely popular vehicles. Many people who have retired and want to see the country have purchased very nice RV’s to do it in style. You will see beautiful RV’s all over the country, especially in Florida and Arizona, where RV people tend to gather for the winter. A beautiful, high-quality RV is not … Read more